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Ziptel Networks can provide support for all of your Linux systems. From hardware support to software installation and custom programming, we can help you with whatever you need.

We provide all of our Linux support services at competitive, hourly rates ( Charged at 15 minute intervals ).

Consulting work and custom software solutions will recieve a quote for the work to be performed.

Custom software and consulting projects will have a maximum project cost determined based on a free over the phone consulation after we gather the details of your request and propose a solution to you.

This gives you the confidence and assurance that your custom Linux solution will be completed and delivered not only with the quality and service that you expect, but without going over your budget.

Hourly rates start at $80.00 per hour ( $20.00 per 15 minutes ).

Our engineers are experts in many Linux servers and software implementations including:

  • Apache and other web servers
  • MySQL / MariaDB and other database servers
  • PHP, Perl and Bash scripts
  • Sendmail / Postfix and other Linux MTA systems
  • DNS Servers including Bind and PowerDNS ( PDNS )
  • Load balancing software
  • Chat and communication systems
  • Asterisk / FreeSWITCH and VoIP software

These are just some of the Linux software packages that we can assist you with.

Please contact us to speak with one of our Linux engineers today.

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